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ABOUT astamuse

Supporting innovators to open their way for the next 10 years

We astamuse, make databases consisting of enormous amount of information which if used in a proper way could turn in as the source of innovation, starting from intellectual property, R&D, and investment information. By analyzing the data obtained from our database, we provide consulting services for the purpose of creating of new businesses, finding and developing human resources, evaluating corporate value, and help predicting the future.

We will contribute to the social development and the well-being of the human being through the realization of "circulation of knowledge", "utilization of knowledge" and "democratization of knowledge".



Supporting companies and individuals who look to create a brighter future and providing services to expand their possibilities.


    By utilizing our proprietary database and our self-developed algorithm, we assess the intrinsic value our each corporate. We also provide services to support the investment activities of companies and to investment funds by creating valuation indicators and providing proper data.


    We provide a variety of consulting services using data and our own analytics method to a wide range of fields such as new business ideas, market analysis, technology utilization, alliances and M&A, commercialization support, and management decision-making.


    Our reports are based on a vast amount of data and analysis by analysts with expertise in various advanced fields.

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    The following is a list of some of the customers who use Astamuse.

     The following is a list of some of the customers who use astamuse. Our clients include companies from wide range of industries, regardless of field or company size.