In an era which new technology evolves dramatically day by day and the human society becoming even more complex, the way and mean to calculate corporate evaluations are changing, evolving and becoming more diverse. At astamuse, we provide investment information and scoring by using our unique and independent method, assessing the value of a company based on future projections expected growth derived from our analysis using our proprietary database.

Providing investment information

astamuse’s solution utilizes a combination of approximately 200 million pieces of innovation capital data from 80 countries around the world to provide investment information that is tailored to the customers’ needs of the investment period and payback timing .

Corporate Valuation and Scoring

From the days when tangible assets such as real estate(factories and buildings), machinery, and product outputs were used for corporate evaluation, we are now in an era which "intangible assets" such as intellectual properties as well as proprietary data have become the core indicators for measuring corporate value due to the evolution of technology.

At astamuse, we use intangible core aspects for corporate evaluation which back in the days were difficult to measure, such as "human resource" "knowledge properties" and "networks and connections,". These aspects are the new key core evaluation indicators, and we use a variety of parameters through data-driven analysis to evaluate corporate values.

Example of Scores

  • Patent Impact Score
  • Cluster budding score
  • Innovation Efficiency Indicators
  • Open Innovation Indicators
  • Concentration of innovators