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astamuse and Nikkei Inc. Started selling “Nikkei-astamuse Growth Area Report”. Predict growth areas based on data

astamuse Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Ayumi Nagai) and Nikkei Inc. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Naotoshi Okada) have jointly launched the “Nikkei-astamuse Growth Areas Report” on the “promising growth areas in 2025 that will create the future,” which has been uniquely defined based on a database.

Under these uncertain and unpredictable times, many companies are investing huge amounts of efforts and money to create new markets and innovations that will create new businesses.

At astamuse, analysts in leading-edge fields analyze about 200 million innovation capital databases based on information on new businesses, new products/services, new technologies/research, and patents from over 80 countries around the world, and classify and define “136 promising growth areas in 2025 that will create the future” using our own discernment. We use this data to provide companies in a wide range of industries with data-driven future plans, supporting new business creation, management strategy planning, and providing investment information. Based on the unique analytical method that astamuse has developed on its own, we have extracted data and information necessary for decision-making in corporate management from a vast amount of complex information in each field. Nikkei, Inc. has independently interviewed expert analysts and edited related news and field trends in the field along with media articles. This report that can be read in conjunction with detailed data and social trends.

Features of the Nikkei-astamuse Growth Area Report

This report extracts data from 80 countries around the world, captures the growth potential of the area in terms of global investment in leading-edge, fast-growing markets, and provides technical analysis by experts in the field. Not only do we provide domain descriptions and picked statistical data, but we also provide exhaustive structured data, long lists and data sources at the same time. You can choose the type which suits your budget for use.

Future Growth Industries report & data
Contents Target countries
  • Covers global, emerging countries
    (analyze 80 countries, 24 languages by English)
Market information /
Growth forecast
  • Covers forefront/growing/tech-defined market
  • Growth forecast by global investment amount
Player information
  • Comprehensive long list of large companies/SMEs//Ventures/
  • Academic/Research Institutes
Technology information
  • Covers cutting-edge study/tech/patent analyzed
    by top researchers/engineers
Data source
  • Structured data source to be shared
Source and understandability
  • Primary information
  • Evaluated by quantitative scoring
  • Clear logic with structured framework
Cost efficiency
  • Max several 10 tho USD
  • Flexible depending on budget
  • Deep insights


Main contents of the Nikkei-astamuse Growth Area Report

  1. Basic information on the theme
    ~ basic information such as the definition of words on the subject
    Basic information on the topic, related news, business chain, elemental technology, etc.
  2. Trends in related technologies and patents by country on the theme
    ~ Related patent application status. Identifying which countries and regions have highly competitive players
    Patents related to the theme, countries and regions where there are highly competitive players, etc.
  3. Current and potential leading players in the world (= future players)
    ~ Learn about the players with the best technology and the patents at the top
    Composition of the global patent population, leading players, future players, etc.
  4. Noteworthy themes and noteworthy players in terms of global research investment trends (content and value) (potential partners and collaborators)
    ~ Identify mid- to long-term themes of interest and potential partners and joint research players
    Number of adoptions, ranking of total allocation, and top themes in terms of domestic and international allocation
  5. The latest business models and monetization from the perspective of global venture/startup establishment and funding trends
    ~ Basic information on competitive venture companies in this area
    The number of venture companies established in the world and the amount of funding raised, the top companies in terms of funding, etc.
  6. Appendix Digest of Related Articles

Nikkei-astamuse Growth Areas Report List of Target Areas

  1. Photovoltaic/ Solar cell/ Artificial photosynthesis
  2. Wind power generation
  3. Solar thermal power generation
  4. Geothermal power generation
  5. Biomass power generation / Biofuel
  6. Smart Grid / HEMS
  7. Marine energy power generation
  8. Shale gas
  9. Rechargeable battery / Capacitor
  10. Fuel cells / Hydrogen storage materials
  11. Superconducting transmission
  12. Nuclear fusion
  13. Large-scale wireless power supply for industrial use / Space power generation
  14. Image diagnosis / Biological imaging
  15. Developmental engineering / Regenerative medicine / Cell therapy
  16. Reproductive engineering / Infertility treatment / In-vitro fertilization
  17. Genome editing / Gene therapy / Nucleic acid medicine
  18. Cancer Treatment / Medical Oncology
  19. Epigenome / miRNA / Telomere
  20. Artificial organs / Implants / Biocompatible materials
  21. Personalized medicine / Precision medicine
  22. Dementia / Neurodegenerative diseases
  23. Preventive medicine / Regional comprehensive community care
  24. Traditional medicine / Integrated complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)
  25. Data health / Medical big data
  26. Biological information / Digital health
  27. Metabolomics / Proteome / Omics
  28. Stroke / cardiovascular medical treatment
  29. Hypertension / Lipid abnormality / Diabetes / Metabolic syndrome
  30. Telemedicine / Telesurgery
  31. Microbiome / Intestinal-brain correlation / HPA axis
  32. Mental health care
  33. Intelligent prosthetic / Cybernetic body
  34. InSilico / Supercomputer Drug Discovery / Bioinformatics
  35. DDS drug discovery / Molecular targeting
  36. Vaccine / Innate immunity / Autophagy
  37. Sports medicine / Flailty / Locomotive syndrome
  38. Nanobiology / Molecular Robotics / Biosensor
  39. Surgical robot / surgical support system
  40. Drive assist / Autonomous driving / Traffic accident prevention
  41. Ultra-compact vehicle / Personal mobility
  42. Fuel cell vehicle / Hydrogen vehicle
  43. Electric vehicle / Hybrid vehicle
  44. Lightweight design / low fuel consumption vehicle
  45. Welfare vehicle / Vehicle for disabilities
  46. Connected car / Telematics
  47. Transportation / Logistics IoT
  48. Marine resource development / Deep sea exploration
  49. Maritime Communication / Underwater Communication
  50. Robot flying object, Drone
  51. GPS / Satellite positioning system
  52. Rocket / Space Navigation System
  53. Manned space exploration / Space colony / Space laboratory
  54. Space commerce / Commercial use of space
  55. Space debris removal / Space environmental problems
  56. Resource development of outer space
  57. Weather forecast / Tidal level prediction
  58. Radioactive decontamination / Waste treatment
  59. Micro bubble / Fine bubble
  60. Food recycling / Freshness maintenance and packaging
  61. Desalination / Water treatment
  62. Water infrastructure development / Water quality conservation
  63. Supercritical fluid / Supercritical extraction
  64. Soil environmental conservation / Removal of harmful substances
  65. Exhaust gas / Air purification
  66. CO2 separation and capture / CO2 Underground seabed storage (CCS)
  67. Single molecule measurement / Trace analysis
  68. Food safety monitor / Traceability
  69. Food and Beverage IoT
  70. Brand crops
  71. Food processing / Cooking chemistry
  72. Functional food and beverage
  73. Brewing / Fermented food
  74. Plant factory / Facility gardening
  75. Smart agriculture / Agricultural ICT
  76. Cooking AI / Gastrophysics / Food computing
  77. Smart aquaculture / Fish farm
  78. Environmentally-adaptive agriculture / Water-saving agriculture
  79. No or low pesticide farming
  80. Soil microorganisms / Soil ecosystem
  81. Marine life resources / Marine ecosystem
  82. Natural materials / Biomaterial engineering
  83. Bio-pesticides / Endophytes (plant symbiotic microorganisms)
  84. Smart city
  85. Smart office
  86. Earthquake countermeasures
  87. Revetment / Flood damage controls
  88. Landscape / Landscape engineering
  89. Wall greening / Rooftop greening / Green building
  90. Large underground space / underground structure
  91. Infrastructure monitoring system
  92. Large-scale wooden construction
  93. Building Information modeling (BIM) / Civil information Modeling (CIM)
  94. Adhesive / Coating chemistry
  95. Education / Educatoin Technology (EdTech)
  96. Film / Animation / Visual arts
  97. Video distribution and production technology
  98. Geospatial and locational information service
  99. Communication robot / Personal robot
  100. Disaster prevention / Communication network for disaster management
  101. Next generation display
  102. Energy-saving home appliances / ICT intelligent home appliances
  103. Flexible devices / Organic electronics
  104. Organic EL
  105. Power semiconductor
  106. Non-volatile semiconductor
  107. Next-generation digital signage
  108. Energy conversion and transducer
  109. Wireless power supply for home appliance
  110. Wearable ubiquitous devices
  111. Next generation music instruments
  112. Solar activity / Climate change / Global environmental change
  113. Information art / Fusion of science and art
  114. Human Body Communication / Body Area Network (BAN)
  115. Nano optics / Plasmonics / Near-field optics, Evanescent wave
  116. Terahertz wave
  117. Living standard IoT / Smart Life
  118. Personal identification / Biometric authentication
  119. Personal Fabrication / DIY
  120. Functional clothing and decoratives / Fashion technology
  121. Application of the five senses / Artificial sensation (haptic, artificial retina, taste sensor, etc.)
  122. Acoustic field / Ultrasonic display
  123. EEG application / Sensitivity engineering
  124. Factory automation / Industrial robots
  125. Packaging
  126. Nursing care robot / life support robot
  127. Functional cosmetics
  128. Robots for heavy load and dangerous work / Opratoin robots for heavy machinery and construction machine
  129. Artificial muscle / soft actuator
  130. Toys / electronic toys
  131. Intelligent sports / Smart sports
  132. Color and shaping technology (arts and crafts)
  133. Human communication / Proactive life
  134. Watching and experiencing sports
  135. Live-entertainment / Performing arts
  136. Game / E-sports

We can guide you to the best areas for you.

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