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Astamuse and Nikkei Inc. announce to form a capital and business partnership Seek to provide value-added information on new business development

Astamuse(Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Ayumi Nagai) has announce to form a capital and business partnership with Nikkei Inc. The two companies will work together on utilizing their proprietary database and knowledge to provide high value-added business content that accelerates the development of new businesses and innovation, and services that support the creation of the brighter future.

Nikkei has invested in Astamuse when Astamuse was raising capital in February 2019. The total investment amount is 500 million yen.

Astamuse compiles information on new businesses, products, and technologies around the world, and support investment activities by and supporting rationalizing each activity by providing data on startups, data on grants to each research field, data of crowdfunding, and intellectual property data on patents, trademarks, and designs from 80 countries around the world. We own the world’s largest database of innovation capital (assets that serve as a source of new business and technology development), which is defined, classified, and analyzed from the perspective of creating the future and solving social issues. We have adopted a globally unique method of categorizing the information that we own, in the likes of specific business areas that are expected to grow in 2025, such as “smart cities” and “advanced medical devices,” and social issues that need to be solved, such as “global warming” and “labor shortages.

Through this capital and business partnership, we will combine and utilize the information on specific industries and companies accumulated by Nikkei with the proprietary information database already owned by Astamuse. Specifically, the two companies will (1) distribute articles on innovative ideas and business using the data from the two companies in the Nikkei Online Edition and other publications, (2) create and sell analytical reports on innovation in new ways, (3) hold joint events on the theme of creating the future and solving social problems, and (4) develop new services to promote the development of new businesses by companies in cooperation with Nikkei BP and other group companies. Through this partnership we look to provide services so that our clients can efficiently obtain the information they need to realize their innovations.

In addition, the company plans to focus on highly accurate new business consulting through data analysis, promoting software-as-a-service (SaaS) businesses, and providing innovation information to financial institutions.

About Nikkei Inc.

Nikkei has been delivering valuable information to business people for 140 years, since 1876. About 1,500 reporters cover and write about the news every day. The circulation of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun is currently approximately 2.35 million, and the number of paid subscribers to the Nikkei Online Edition which was launched in March 2010, plus the number of subscribers to the Nikkei Business Daily, Nikkei MJ, Nikkei VERITAS, and the number of personnel watchers, or “digital subscriptions”, is 660,000, and the total number of paid and free subscriptions exceeds 4 million.