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Using our data with new businesses, technologies, products, and investments in 80 countries around the world, we explore new business areas where your technology can be developed. We offer a wide range of new business proposals in different fields based on the latest business ideas.

Process of creating new business proposals

We will take five steps to propose a new business. In each of these steps, our company's data and global technology trends and knowledge will be maximized to develop a business plan that meets your company's expectations.

  • Extraction and divergence of new application development plans in Growth Area from our company Data
  • Extract only proposals for development in different fields by excluding existing fields and old technologies
  • Focusing on what your company can examine based on the applicability of functions
  • Use our technical knowledge to extract promising ideas and incorporate them into your business plan

Final proposal image (example)

New business proposals narrowed down from a huge number of projects are compiled in the following structure (example.) and submitted as a final report.

  • Market Analysis (Transition in size, future estimates, growth drivers in the market)
  • Position adjustment possible for the proposed business (Consolidation of business options, detailed analysis of individual options)
  • Market value (Concepts, value delivered, and realization requirements)
  • Research and Development Strategy (Organize and prioritize options according to market needs)
  • Competitive Analysis and Trends (Analysis of competitors including overseas companies and specific technical analysis)


Innovation from Technology Assessment
to Medium-Term Strategy Planning

By consistently providing support for innovation from upstream strategy planning to downstream implementation, we are more committed to implementation and success than just providing information and analysis.

  1. Proposal of product hypothesis using your company technology

    Based on examples of patent citations and checks, we propose ideas for new products and services in different fields, and hypotheses for commercialization in a viable market.

  2. Market x technology matrix analysis

    Analyze competitive advantages from a micro perspective (your company technology) and growth potential from a macro perspective (market), and propose business directions.

  3. List of promising ventures and universities

    List promising ventures, universities, and research institutes from around the world as potential partners, joint research, and investment targets for each theme.

  4. Search for potential M&A partners

    Based on examples of patent citations and checks, we propose ideas for new products and services in different fields, and hypotheses for commercialization in a viable market.

  5. Future forecasting and emerging area analysis

    Create a macro hypothesis to analyze the trends of "empathy and investment" in society as a whole, track the trends of innovators, and identify and propose specific emerging areas.

  6. Support for preparation of highly realistic medium-term management plans

    We will propose mid-long term strategies based on backcasting from future forecasts of your company business areas and bottom-up from technologies and assets owned by your company.

  7. CVC Management Support/Investment/Open Innovation Strategy

    We will support venture investments based on our proprietary database algorithms and our company's know-how cultivated through support for VC, major companies in each industry, universities, government offices, etc.

  8. Business planning

    We provide you mid-long term support for commercialization, such as technology, R&D evaluation, market valuation, matching process, and improvement plans after test marketing.