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Creative Class -Web platform where high caliber talents gather

Online data has been lacking credibility in many cases and gathering accurate business information has been fairly costly.

astamuse visualizes and offers comprehensive information of each industry, company and inventor by tapping into a huge amount of public data from around the world.This service is geared for use by engineers, entrepreneurs and investors in making business promotion and investment decisions.

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Creative Class

Reliable and well-organized information based on public data

astamuse is based on public data and clearly indicates the basis of calculation of the information. In addition, by personalizing users through membership registration, they can find information that anticipates their needs.

Business breakthroughs through networking

Innovative companies already have been turning out products through "open innovation" and "collaboration". We are currently developing a networking function for the astamuse website which will allow users to identify potential partners

The reason why excellent job candidates gather to us is because of the service used by business persons that has nothing to do with job hunting.

Data Service Business

In order to realize the full value of intangible assets such as technologies and designs, we offer research and analysis on the creation, development and exploitation of intangible assets through consulting and providing information reports.

Our Services
・ Support evaluation and inventory control of clients' own technologies, and also understandings of competitors for management decision making
・ Objective assessment of technical strengths for M&A and license negotiation purposes

Platform Business

Human Resource Business

Acquiring excellent human resources is always one of the most important issues of a company.  By using "astamuse", where talented professionals get together, we can provide you with high-level candidates.

For companies, patent offices and law firms
- Engineers: experienced CTOs, chief class engineers with great technical skills and engineers with leadership abilities
- Intellectual property and legal personnel: experienced patent attorneys with expert knowledge on your technology field, strategy planners of intellectual property, legal staff members

For placement agencies
- Engineers suited for your business field, chief class engineers with high technical skill, excellent CTO class personnel

Platform Business
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