Vision & Service

We support an activation of cluster and promote open innovations through partnering with appropriate companies

In the world today where the mobility of Human Resources, Goods and Capital has vastly increased, companies are required to fully exploit its intangible assets, such as technologies and designs.

We provide research and analysis on the creation, development and exploitation of intangible assets through our consulting and information report services. Our support for your business decision making is backed by our vast database of technologies in every country, industry and company.


Evaluation, inventory control and finding competitors for one's own technologies, which is essential for management decisions

Our Services
・Business consulting
・Tailor made report "asta*insight" based on hearings with clients
・Exhaustive reports "asta*data" to comprehensively understand your competitor's intellectual property filing trends

Objective assessment of technical strengths for M&A and license negotiation purposes

Our Services
・ Investment consulting
・ Technology strength research on investment candidates


Consulting and data providing services that enable clients to comprehend their own technologies and intellectual properties multidirectionally  


astamuse publishes the largest amount of online information in Japan

One of the reasons we own such a large amount of public data such as company information and patent data is for our web platform "astamuse". astamuse publishes this enormous amount of data after formatting for easy comprehensive viewing. astamuse can visualize the information of industries, companies and investors, which is utilizable at the forefront of innovations for making business promotion and investment decisions.

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Platform Business

The reason why excellent job candidates gather to us is because of the service used by business persons that has nothing to do with job hunting.