Vision & Service

We realize a platform for forming global ecosystems through creating opportunities for innovation by visualizing previously invisible management resources

Innovation ecosystem based on the platform - astamuse

We provide a platform that visualizes and fluidizes the information of human resource and intangible assets, which are the necessary management resources for innovations.

On the other hand, innovations in business are increasingly gaining importance. Regardless of the size of the company/business innovativeness has become one of the key factors for the survival of business.

  1. "Platform Business" - We provide astamuse that visualizes and fluidize s the information of human resource and intangible assets
  2. "Human Resource Business" - We provide the system and strategy of acquiring highly skilled engineers and business planners by using astamuse
  3. "Data Service Business" - We provide information and strategies regarding intangible assets by using astamuse

Each business is bound up together to form an ecosystem that would create innovations.

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