Astamuse Company Releases English Version of Japanese Innovation Platform

"" visualizes information of Japanese technologies and intellectual properties with a sophisticated design.

astamuse has released its "" innovation platform, which was developed using information of 10,500,000 patent applications filed in Japan over the last 20 years. The website provides various contents analyzing intellectual properties including sleeping patents, which have great potential in a variety of technology fields such as Robot, automobile, camera and railroad.

At the web service of astamuse ( ), anyone can access the following contents at no cost:

  • "Technology Information," which is information of patent applications filed in Japan for the last 20 years in English.
  • "Trends by Field," which allow users to grasp industry trends from analysis of 10,500,000 patent applications broken down into over 200,000 fields.
  • "Corporate Information," which breaks down the data of approximately 300,000 companies with records of patent applications in Japan, in terms of their technology strengths.

In addition, users can also request for professional English translation of patent descriptions.

astamuse also provides translations in languages other than English.

For researchers and all the stakeholders supporting them, astamuse will continue enhancement of its service to connect innovators, through integration of IP information and disclosure of unsolved research issues from around the world.


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