Value -code of conduct-

In order to uphold our raison d'etre, astamuse company conducts its business adhering to all laws, regulations and ethical principles and also requires all employees to strictly abide by the following principles.

1. Our business is to contribute to society through innovations

It is not our objective to make profits by providing products/services to stakeholders so long as it is profitable but to contribute to society through innovation. Therefore, the business (value), that we create must be one which provides people joy and strength.

2. All employees must conduct business with the management's perspective

Management's perspective does not necessarily mean running the whole company but that each person is the proprietor of his or her project, whether large or small, and that by having a broader perspective each person should be able to break through obstacles large and small in daily business. For this purpose, astamuse company conducts business as follows.

a) Delegation of authority and accountability

We believe that proper delegation of authority and accountability leads to increased morale and motivation. Also, delegating authority and accountability in the daily conduct of business cultivates risk management and decision making abilities in our employees.

b) Result orientation and transparency

By stressing result orientation and the importance of sharing information throughout the company, we cultivate in each employee a sense of value and cost of each individual task from a company-wide perspective. Furthermore, the sharing of information enables more effective and productive work arrangements by enabling each employee to view things from a higher level.

3. Leaders must be a principled and unbiased judge

At astamuse company, we are required to integrate various professional talents in order to run projects smoothly. However, conflicts may arise due to the different positions and backgrounds of our professionals.

We believe that every employee must meet our definition of a leader which is "one who is principled and is capable of drawing the most out of each of his or her constituents through the ability to reconcile conflicting positions in an unbiased manner".

4. Don't be the product of your environment; make your environment a product of you

One's growth would stop the moment they become content with their environment, no matter how competent that person is. Also, once one is content of his or her surroundings, he or she will lose the ability to see things in a critical light.

We, based on the idea that the individuals' growth leads to the company and society's growth, respect "individualism" and demand the utmost professionalism of our employees. Furthermore, we expect our staff to work and create a new environment on their own through their daily work by recognizing different values and establishing relationships with others.

5. Don't be afraid of failure; be afraid of not trying

As a company providing a creative and international eco-system platform for the creation of innovations, we ourselves must aggressively take on new challenges in order to create innovations. As it has been said of old that "failure teaches success", the history of mankind is built on challenges that has led to new developments.

At astamuse company, we value challenge over knowledge and we put more faith on people who are willing to take on new challenges and assign more work to such than those who possess knowledge but are not willing to take on challenges. One who never loses spirit even in the greatest adversity but carries on until he or she succeeds. All of our employees must be challengers.